Marmota’s mission is to help governments and organizations achieve their sustainability goals via targeted initiatives that result in the generation, certification, and conversion of tradeable environmental assets. Our end-to-end solution creates valuable investment holdings while simultaneously improving ESG performance.

First, we offer expert analysis to ensure direct alignment between capital allocation and organizational objectives.

Next, once a project is selected and launched, we leverage the world’s first and only ISO-compliant green blockchain platform to capture critical data from start to finish, ensuring full transparency and auditability.

Finally, we deliver the expertise, systems, and programs required to utilize this project data to accurately quantify, aggregate, and monetize resulting environmental assets, including carbon offset credits, plastic credits, methane credits and more.

Environmental asset creation and monetization

Developing, implementing, maintaining and monetizing offset projects can be daunting for most organizations. Marmota delivers a proven methodology to ensure rapid and efficient implementation while ensuring the highest possible level of environmental integrity. Our six-step process—assess, quantify, develop, implement, monitor and monetize—serves as the industry standard for environmental asset creation and liquidation.

We work with our clients to assess the proposed offset project/program. This initial phase helps identify potential challenges and develop mitigation strategies in advance.

We quantify the potential for emission reductions and credits. This will drive investment decisions and other strategic considerations.

We take a programmatic approach to project development using globally recognized strategies and emission schemes, tailoring our process according to the mitigation activities and jurisdictions being considered.

Once the project has been validated by an independent third-party agency—which must be accredited by a recognized program authority—we support the implementation of the proposed mitigation activities alongside our clients.

Over the crediting period of the offset project, we monitor the environmental performance of the projects and the implemented mitigation activities. The data collected is regularly captured by the blockchain to ensure full transparency and trust. During this phase, our team coordinates third-party data verification and credit issuance / registration.

Once the credits have been registered, we either manage the transaction of the credits generated by the project, or support clients who want to transact the credits themselves, whether as post-ante credits, forward crediting, ex-ante credits, or alternative methods.

Carbon credit program development

Marmota has extensive experience in both compliance and voluntary carbon markets, having worked with world-leading organizations to certify and register credits internationally. Moreover, we have facilitated the development and implementation of an array of innovative large-scale offset projects globally, including:

Methane abatement from sealing abandoned oil wells

Energy efficiency and waste management in distributed building portfolios

Energy efficiency, methane capture and more in wastewater treatment plants

Distribution of high-efficiency lighting to households across Africa

Renewable power generation including wind, solar, and geothermal

Water distribution system installation in Africa

Low-carbon concrete in production facilities

Low-carbon road construction and maintenance

Battery manufacturing facility for electric vehicles

Waste to Energy (WtE) projects across North America

Ocean plastic collection and recycling in Southeast Asia

Environmental Asset Management

One of the main challenges most organizations face is maximizing the value of environmental benefits generated by their sustainability initiatives. Once credits are issued, most credit holders struggle to identify and trade the credits in order to maximize their market value. To address these challenges, Marmota supports its clients by acting as their environmental asset managers. In this role, our mandate is to maximize the value of environmental assets generated by our clients via direct and indirect financial instruments, whether via transactions of carbon credits, derivatives, or digital assets such as NFTs and/or carbon tokens.

Green Financing

Marmota has developed a community of financial partners interested in investing in large-scale offset projects—including both technology-based solutions (TbS) as well as nature-based solutions (NbS)—all managed via a high-throughput, energy-efficient blockchain. Depending on project requirements, Marmota can leverage its third-party finance network to provide funding for the implementation of mitigation activities. This upfront financing can take the form of a pooled fund, individual investments, debt financing, and more.